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Guhen Kitaoka's Profile (Details)

Guhen has been working in international communities, especially for the English speaking markets, for both foreign and Japanese clients, in the areas of cross-cultural communication, performance enhancement, mental health, therapy, NLP and coaching.


He lived in London, UK, for 15 years until 2001, where he worked as an English-Japanese translator, interpreter, cross-cultural communication consultant, adviser and coach. His clients included British aristocrats including the Princess Royal, ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Church of England, the English Heritage, British Nuclear Fuel Ltd., and Formula One representatives including Max Mosley.


Guhen is also the only Japanese trainer who has been directly trained by the four most important co-founders and co-developers of NLP, i.e., Grinder, Bandler, DeLozier and Dilts.

Since he came back to Japan in 2001, he has provided a large number of coaching sessions in Japan, as well as workshops and certification courses including three NLP trainers training courses. Through applying NLP to himself, he has succeeded in totally eradicating his own severe past traumas which he suffered from at the institutes for physically disabled children he was admitted to as a small child.


Guhen has been assisting his clients through the works he offers them to enhance the skills of "awareness," "self-change," and "independence," in order to continue to successfully change themselves, as "therapists for themselves."


He is versed in spiritual experience and knowledge, as a person who has experienced "Kundalini rising," and has been offering "Meta Mind Work" (holistic), which transcends both "No Mind" (right-brain oriented, Eastern and meditative) and "Mind" (left-brain oriented, Western and logical).


With this unique professional know-how and expertise, Guhen is providing his personal session clients with extensive and comprehensive services of life coaching, performance enhancement and communication consultancy at the executive level.


He is currently CEO of Office Kitaoka, Inc., Tokyo, Japan, Chairman of NLP Integral Association, former Managing Director of Creativity Enhancement Ltd., London, UK, and Meta-Culture Creator.


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One of the most influential Japanese personal performance coaches